How can I help my husband be more responsible while betting?

How can I help my husband be more responsible while betting?

I hope everyone is enjoying their day. Because I’m in a bit of a pickle and am hoping some of you could have some useful thoughts, I wanted to reach out to this group.

So here’s the situation. My hubby has always had a strong interest in sports, especially NFL. The problem is that he has been heavily involved in sports betting for the past year, and this is starting to raise some alarms.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for enjoying yourself and the thrill of a game. But lately, I’ve noticed he’s been betting a lot, and occasionally, it feels a little out of hand. He has had some successes, yes, but he has also suffered a fair share of failures, and this is beginning to have an impact on our money and, quite frankly, our relationship.

I’m asking for advice from this community as a result. How do I get him to be more responsible and not put our family in jeopardy? I’d prefer to not come across as overbearing but since this affects both me and the children, I will put my foot down if it comes to that.

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